Guided Tours Inside Parliament 

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  • Visit Inside Hellenic Parliament

  • A look behind the walls of the Greek Parliament building

  • Discover the Assembly Hall

About this activity

Duration: 1.3hr approx.

Languages: English.

Meeting at: Hotel or Syntagma Square  

Tour Dates: Monday’s and Friday’s at 3pm

Minimum participants: 2 (Two)

Additional Participants:$38,11 €35

Pick up time: 2:40pm

Live tour guide


Complimentary guided tours of Hellenic Parliament take place in June, July and September, providing fascinating insights into the history of the building. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the grand rooms such as the Assembly Hall and the debating chamber and learn more about Greece’s modern history.


In the exhibition area of the parliament building you will find different visual presentations of modern Greek history.


Every major political and official event has occurred in front of this important landmark since it was built in 1843, including the famous public revolt which occurred in September that year, against King Otto’s absolute monarchy that finally saw the introduction of Athens’ first constitution, hence the name Syntagma Square meaning Constitution Square. Today, the citizens of Athens still head to Syntagma Square to exercise their democratic rights of free speech. Here’s a look behind these great walls that are full of the history and legacy of modern Athens.


In 1833, a year after Greece was recognised as an independent nation via the signing of the Treaty of Constantinople, the European powers of the time (Britain, France and Russia) decided that Greece should have a monarchy. Otto, the adolescent son of King Ludwig of Bavaria, became the sovereign and Greece was declared an absolute monarchy. Within 12 months, Athens was declared the capital of the Greek Kingdom and Otto left Nafplio, the country’s first provisional capital of Athens, with a grand vision of a new city. Otto’s enlightenment began with plans to build a new palace for himself as the new king. Friedrich von Gaertner who was the official architect of the Bavarian court, chose the location based on its high elevation to enhance the presence of the palace. The foundation stone was laid on the 6th February 1836 but it wasn’t until 25th July 1843, that King Otto and his new wife Queen Amalia, took up residence in the newly completed palace.


The grandeur of the original royal palace of 1843 begins with the staircase that leads up to what was originally the palace trophy room and the aide-de-camp’s quarters. Today it is named after Eleftherios Venizelos, the Greek Prime Minister who is heralded as the maker of modern Greece. This grand hall is located on the western side of the building (facing Syntagma Square), featuring the original gold candelabras which are shaped as magnificent crowns. On Christmas Eve 1909, a major fire destroyed all but a few rooms including this one.


When you've finished this Acropolis Museum adventure, you'll know what made ancient Athens so special, and you'll understand, too, the modern relevance of its crowning glory, the Acropolis.  You can choose between an early morning, morning or afternoon guided tour.

Important information:

  • If you have special needs or require extra assistance please inform us.

  • Each visiting group will be limited to 30 people. Therefore, please contact us as early as possible.

  • There is no formal dress code, but please make sure that you are decently dressed.

  • During your tour, you are obliged to cooperate with the Parliament personnel and comply with their instructions.

  • The tour schedule may be changed to accommodate parliamentary proceedings and official events.



  • English language guided tours for schools, student groups or other groups of visitors are held from Monday to Friday (9:00 to 20:00) throughout the year, except August.


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What's Included

  • A guided tour inside Hellenic Parliament 

  • Bottled water

  • All taxes


  What's not Included

  • Gratuities 10% (optional)

  • Personal expenses (food and drinks)

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