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Design your own unique trip to Greece!


At Tours By Greek Locals, we are here to guide you, to inspire you, to handcraft an experience to your desire, because every traveler is searching for that perfect experience. So let us help you find yours…


How it works:

Our company Tours By Greek Locals organizes private tailor-made trips for couples, families, companies of friends or any specialty groups, such as cultural associations, universities etc.


You can either choose one of our pre-existing itineraries or you can tell us your idea for a cultural, experiential trip in Greece and we will make it come true. We will plan all the details of your trip, including accommodation and transport, activities, experiences and sightseeing. We can also appoint a dedicated tour guide and a driver to support you throughout your holiday.


Self-drive Trips:

If you prefer to explore Greece behind the wheel of your very own vehicle, we can suggest a custom-made, independent self-drive trip itinerary with many interesting places to visit along the way. We will prepare a choice of accommodation and car-hire that fits your travel plan and requirements. We will arrange your tour guides, city guides, trekking experts to support you throughout your holiday.


Usefull info

Step 1

  • Please send us your holiday wishes along with your travel status 


Step 2

  • Receive our trip proposal, review it and send us your feedback to discuss.


Step 3

  • Review our revised proposal based on your feedback.


Step 4 

  • Lets discuss all findings and finalize plans for booking.


Book Now & pay later

Free Cancellation up to 24 hours in advance

Never submit sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or passwords. 

If you want to make changes, just contact us to create it as you have dreamed it.



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Athens doesn’t leave anybody indifferent and I am here to help you to see the beauties of Athens and to feel the vibration of the heart of Greece.

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Operation Manager

We are proud of our country and want to share this pride with you. If you wish to explore Athens and Greece with us, you are welcome.

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Reservation Department

Let us show you the best of this beautiful and powerful country and make your stay in Greece informative, enjoyable and unforgettable!

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Come and visit Greece with us, we’ll show you the best and you’ll keep my country in your hearts for ever.

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