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From the spectacle of Ancient Delphi, Meteora monastery to the winter wonderland of Arahova and Karpenisi. Whether you love culture, walking, swimming or any other kind of outdoor activity, in Central Greece you’ll discover the heartbeat of Greece. The Oracle of Delphi and other historical landmarks and monuments, stone-built settlements, exciting hiking trails and national parks, beaches with turquoise waters, ski resorts and traditional customs and flavours … all tell the story of one of the most beautiful regions in Greece.

Day & Multi Day Exclusive Tours  

  • Athens to Meteora Tours By Train

    1 Day Meteora tour from Athens by train.

    Catch the train from Athens Train Station at 07:20 to Kalabaka and admire the beautiful Greek landscapes during your trip. Arriving in Kalabaka at 11:30 our Mini Bus will be waiting for you at the Kalabaka Train Station 

    From: US $ 0,00  /  € 0,00

  •      Delphi & Meteora    2 Days From Athens

    This 2 Days Tour from Athens to Delphi and Meteora gives individual travelers the chance to visit 2 of the most important sites of mainland Greece, Meteora and Delphi, Begin from Athens with your Private luxury A/C Mini-van or bus and your professional 

    guide and enjoy a majestic two days trip. 

    From: US $ 842,80  /  € 780,00

    AGT Greece-Meteora
  • Delphi & Arachova From Athens

    Perched on the slopes of mount Parnassus, Central Greece, the oracle of Delphi was the most famous and respectful oracle of the ancient world. For hundreds of years, pilgrims from all over the then known world made their way to the sanctuary of god Apollo in Delphi in the hope of getting a helpful answer from the mouth of the medium-priestess Pythia.

    From: US $ 410,40  /  € 380,00

    Image by Victor Malyushev
  • Meteora Monasteries With Local Guide

    The UNESCO World Heritage site is home to more than 20 rock monasteries, either perched precariously on top of Meteora’s towering sandstone cliffs or built into the cliffs themselves inside naturally formed caves. With your guide*, visit two of the incredible monasteries and hear fun facts and trivia about the monks who once called them homes.  

    From: US $ 91,80  /  € 85,00

    meteora guide.jpg
  • Delphi With Local Guide

    With your local guide we organize special guided tours for small or big groups, or  private tours. From ancient times, Delphi, was the attraction for many visitors and of course there were many reasons for this: the Oracle, the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Pythian Games or just because Delphi was the Navel of the Earth.

    From: US $ 91,8  /  € 85,00

    Delphi agt.jpg
  • Meteora Monasteries From Athens

    The monasteries are built on the peak of the huge rocks, and form the second most important complex of monasteries after Mt. Athos. The earth meets the sky, the human intervention the divine element and the traveler finds the emotional serenity and spiritual well being which arises eternally from the atmosphere.

    From: US $ 462,40  /  € 425,00

    Image by Toa Heftiba


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